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Boom Poles
A boom pole (or fish pole) is a sophisticated 'stick' that allows the audio engineer to extend a microphone out into the midst of a recording environment and still remain out of the shot if desired. We offer a wide variety of boom poles made by manufacturers such as K-Tek, PSC, Lightwave and Production Talent. Boom poles can include a number of accessories and can differ by a number of characteristics such as:
  • extended length (length of pole when fully extended), 
  • collapsed length (length of pole when fully collapsed)
  • cabling (none, internal coiled cable, internal straight cable),
  • type of construction/material (carbon fiber or aluminum),
  • XLR out for internally cabled pole (bottom exit or right angle exit),
  • number of sections,
  • standardized 3-pin XLR connectors (when internally cabled),
  • standardized pole tip threading to accommodate microphone mount
Most of these factors will contribute to the cost of the pole and will be important to your ultimate choice of booming product.
K-Tek Boom Poles
K-Tek Boom Poles

PSC Elite Carbon Fiber Boom Poles

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