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Analog Tape Machines
Analog Tape Machines

 Nagra Analog
 Ampex Tube and Transistor
 Scully 280 Series
 3M 400 Series
 Otari MX 5050 Series
 MCI JH 110

     Vark Audio has been involved in repairing, aligning, and rebuilding analog tape machines, both studio and portable, since the 1960’s. We specialize in tube machines and in the early transistorized machines. We have an extensive inventory of new parts for the old Ampex machines as they were one of the most common of that era. We have a fully equipped machine shop and can manufacture many parts that are no longer available.
    Each machine’s needs are different and therefore we can not make this a click and buy page. You will need to contact us concerning costs and shipping instructions.

    Please call or email Vark Audio (301-229-0288 / to discuss your analog recorder maintenance needs.
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