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Sound Devices Link Up Cable - [Link Up Cable-1] $250.00

   Cable to Connect Sound Devices Link I/O to Another Mixer’s Line Level Outputs

   This handy cable allows connection from line level outputs to the Sound Devices Link I/O, TA5 male input. It features screwdriver adjustable trims for both the left and right channels. Levels from -10 to +8 dBu may be adjusted to 0 on the Sound Devices mixer. Once adjusted the recessed trims can not be accidentally moved.  Stock length is 48 inches, other lengths are available on special order. This cable is particularly useful when the 664 is used as a multiple channel recording device in conjunction with a cart mounted mixer, such as a Cooper CS 106 or CS 208. The first mixer connects its direct outputs to the 6 inputs of the 664. These are recorded as isotracks. Using the Link Up Cable,  the first mixers left and right main outputs are fed to the Link I/O and recorded as the mix tracks. Eight tracks in all.  May be fed from any mixer having line level outputs, balanced or unbalanced from -10 to +8 dBu as as the nominal 0 level.
   Manufactured in the USA by Vark Audio.

Sound Devices Link Up Cable
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