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Adapter Output Cable, TA3 Female to XLR3 Male, 6" - [TA3F - XLR3M] $25.00

Adapter Cable TA3 Female to XLR Male

Sound Devices Direct Out cable to XLR male. This cable takes a direct out of Sound Devices mixers and feeds line level inputs having standard XLR female input connectors.

Compatible with the following devices outputs:

  • SD 442
  • SD 552
  • SD 644

Compatible with the following devices inputs:

  • SD 744 inputs 1or 2
  • SD 744 inputs 1, 2, 3, or 4
  • SD 702 series recorders
  • Other devices having an industry standard 3 pin XLR female input connector. Remember, the SD direct out is a line level signal and would need to be reduced in level via an attenuator to feed mic level inputs.
This adapter cable takes a TA3 female connector output and converts it to XLR3 male.
Uses Switchcraft TA connector and Neutrik black gold connectors. The wire used is Canare 4E5C, very rugged and is 6 inches in length. This is a rugged well made cable using genuine Switchcraft and Neutrik connectors.
May be used for converting balanced TA3 outputs to XLR.










Typical uses include converting Sound Devices 664 TA3 balanced outs to an XLR connector. Also can convert Sound Devices 633 aux TA3's to XLR outs.

This cable comes standard in 6, 12 or 18 inch lengths, but other cable lengths are available by special order.

We use only genuine Switchcraft TA connectors no imitations! Cable comes in black only.

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