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Marantz 8B Rebuild - [Marantz 8B Rebuild] $0.00

Marantz 8B Rebuild

     New Old Stock, NOS, is wonderful when you find a radiator cap for your antique 1923 Winston automobile. Not so much so with electrolytic capacitors. NOS is, well, old. The Marantz 8B is a very fine stereo power amplifier. It lends itself very nicely to replacing all the old electrolytic capacitors with new ones. But the best part is this can be done without any change to the exterior of the amplifier. All the new caps are mounted inside on a custom made circuit board.  The multisection electrolytic cans are disconnected but left in place for cosmetic purposes. 
    We replace all the electrolytic capacitors with new very high quality capacitors of equal or higher breakdown voltage and equal or higher capacitance, test and match the tubes, adjust the bias and set the drive to the sides for lowest distortion.  We clean the tube sockets and the phono jack inputs.  We carefully inspect other components, especially the resistors used in the fixed bias circuit, for here is a source of many problems.  Any repairs to the unit are done at this time.  Your 8B is returned ready for you to sit back and listen to for another few decades.  You will also receive a number of graphs of performance of your 8B done on our Audio Precision test equipment.
    Prices for this start at $495.00 and will vary depending on other repairs and or tubes that may be needed.  The 6CA7 tubes may be had by a number of manufacturers and at a great range of prices. 
    Due to the weight of this unit, about 58 lbs., free shipping does not apply. 
    Please contact us to discuss the condition of your 8B and to insure it is packed properly for shipping..

Marantz 8B Rebuild
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