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Yagi Antenna - [Stowaway] $385.00

The Stowaway Yagi Antenna

†††††††††††† An antenna design based on the Yagi-Uda design principle gives significant forward RF gain over a designated frequency range with significant side and rear rejection as well.

††††††††††† Our design has about 9dB of RF gain over about a 24 MHz bandwidth.In addition several other important antenna parameters were optimized for best performance.The impedance, in this case 50 ohms, and the SWR, Standing Wave Ratio, over the designed frequency range were also optimized.The receiver and transmitters used in the location sound industry are designed to feed, or be fed by, 50 ohm antennas.† The greater the deviation from this 50 ohm impedance the less power is transferred.† The SWR should be as close to a 1:1 ratio as possible. The more the SWR deviates from 1:1 the less power is transferred.† This applies equally to transmitter and to receiver antennas.†

††††††††††† Our antenna comes with a female BNC connector so you may choose the length of 50 ohm coax that best suits your needs.Excess cable length only serves to attenuate the RF signal you have worked so hard to obtain in the first place.In addition our antenna comes with a non-metallic standoff so as to keep the effects of a metal mast to a minimum.The standoff has a 3/8-16 standard female thread in the bottom for mounting purposes, or it may be clamped to a C stand.The standoff may be fixed to the antenna in either a vertically or horizontally polarized configuration.Note:When using two antennas we recommend one be vertically polarized and one be horizontally polarized.

††††††††††† The usual design of a Yagi antenna results in a longish antenna.More gain equals more length.The difficulty of this is stowage.It donít fit nicely nowhere.To solve this problem our design allows the boom to be decoupled in the middle.Just a straight, stout, pull and the front half of the boom is removed for stowage.Total length is now about a foot.It goes back together just as easily and is keyed for automatic correct orientation.

††††††††††† And when 9 dB is not enough, our Yagi can accommodate an extension increasing the total gain to about 15 dB.This will also increase the rear rejection, as well.The vertical and horizontal acceptance angles will also decrease.

The Stowaway Yagi Specifications

Gain:Approximately 9 dB

Bandwidth:Approximately 24 MHz

Impedance:50 Ohms

SWR, Standing Wave Ratio:Better than 1.25:1 over the specified frequency range.

Acceptance Angle:23 degrees above and below the axis of the mast.Stated another way, about 45 degrees horizontal and about 45 degrees vertical.

Physical Dimensions in inches:Approximately 20.5 long X 11 wide X 2 ĺ high assembled, without the standoff.†† !2 long X 11 wide X 2 high, disassembled for stowage. The length and width vary with the chosen frequency.†

Weight:Approximately 1 lb

Antenna response measurements were made with a 6 foot length of RG 58 cable connecting the antenna to the test equipment.

Selecting your frequency:

When selecting the antenna frequency for your specific wireless application, please select from the options below and we will calculate a center frequency for your antenna that will cover the block in which you are operating your wireless system. For example, if you select (Lectrosonics) Block 26, frequency 665.600 MHz to 691.100 MHz, then the center frequency for your antenna would be calculated at 678.350 MHz and would be the appropriate configuration for Block 26.†

††† Custom center frequencies may also be ordered at no additional charge.† Please contact us for custom frequency plans.†

NOTE:†† You may select from only one frequency block for each antenna ordered!

... and it's made in the USA!

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Yagi Antenna
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