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Stubby Cable, R/A XLR3/F (9:00) Lectrosonics to R/A XLR3/M (4:30) Sound Devices, 18" $59.00

The Stubby Right Angle 3-pin XLR F to XLR M Cable Configured for Lectrosonices 401 and 411 Receiver Out to Sound Devices 633 and 664 Mixer Mic Inputs.

This 3-pin XLR cable makes for a very neat package when making up a bag with a mixer, wireless mics, etc. Our color coded caps can easily be seen from the rear of the connector as well as from the sides, making identification fast and easy. Caps are permanently installed when the cable is manufactured.

This cable is made specifically to exit from Lectrosonics UCR 401 or UCR 411 receivers to a Sound Devices 664 or 633 field recorder. The 3-pin Female XLR end (at the Lectrosonics receiver) has a cable exit at 9:00. The 3-pin Male XLR end (at the Sound Devices mixer) has a cable exit at 4:30. These exit points allow the cable to lie nicely and not interfere with each other, other cables, or battery changes.

The cable used is Belden 1804 black and each complete cable comes in one standard length of 18, a length that we believe will accommodate most options in your audio bag very well.

This cable will work for many other mixer and equipment combinations. Check to see if this cable exit orientation and length will work in your application.

Color options for caps are as follows and may be selected from this page:

Black, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet, White, Hot Pink

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Stubby Cable, R/A XLR3/F (9:00) Lectrosonics to R/A XLR3/M (4:30) Sound Devices, 18\"
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