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3-pin XLR Male to 3-pin XLR Female Cables Canare 4E6S $21.60

XLR Male to XLR Female Cables.
The workhorse of the audio industry.

We make this 3-pin series of cables from Canare 4E5C star quad cable.  Oxygen free copper and the tightest of the tight woven braid shield.  We solder Neutrik black body and straight shell  XLR connectors with gold plated pins.  If you need the most rugged cable with the finest audio quality this is it.   
     The tight braid remains tight and does not break over years of use and tens of thousands of flexings.  Spiral braid cable, on the other hand, gets holes in the braid through flexing and often allowing the strands to break, negating the shielding properties of the shield.  Further, Canare's the star quad configuration of the conductors-4 wires twisted tightly together and used as two audio pairs- gives much better reduction from magnetic interference.than does a single pair of wires twisted together under a shield.  Canare 4E5C is about 1/4 inch in diameter. The gold plating on the Neutrik pins is the best of the best for distortion free and noise free connections.  4E5C cable remains flexible even at low temperatures.
     All of our 3-pin XLR cables come with a two inch long piece of water clear shrink tubing.  This allows you to install the label of your choice onto the cable.  For example: Your name and phone number would be of great assistance in getting you cable back should it stray in the course of a job.
     All of our 3-pin XLR cables over six feet in length come with a Rip Tie installed on the cable to keep them neat when coiled.

Note: The cost of a 1 foot XLR cable is $21.60. To figure the cost of an available length option below, simply add the respective amount in parenthesis to $21.60. Once the appropriate length is selected, this new amount will appear in your cart.

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3-pin XLR Male to 3-pin XLR Female Cables Canare 4E6S
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