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Sonotrim Lavalier Microphones
The Sonotrim is a professional omni-directional, flat response lavalier microphone. There is a slight amount of emphasis at the high frequencies. This is to offset the effects of normal lavalier microphone placement. Its miniature size makes it ideal for field recording and studio or theater applications. It may be had either hard wired for use without a wireless microphone or it may be had wired with an appropriate connector for wireless microphone use. When the cable is terminated with a connector appropriate for wireless microphone use, the TR-79 power supply may be purchased with a mating connector to allow the Sonotrim to be used as a hard wired microphone as well. Sonotrim microphones are available for a variety of wireless microphone transmitter makes and models. The more common ones are listed below. Should you not see what you need below, Vark Audio can supply the Sonotrim with almost any connector for wireless transmitters. Tram microphone sets come complete with six accessories and the hardwired version comes with an additional cable reel. Note: The picture accompanying Sonotrim microphones and accessories is not necessarily the color indicated in the picture. The color indicated in the drop down box is the color you will be receiving.

Frequency Response

Sonotrim Specifications

Maximum SPL:

134 dB (battery-powered)
148 dB (12V48V phantom-powered)


25 dB "A"-weighted (equivalent SPL at 1 kHz)

Source Impedance:

3 kOhm unbalanced
250 Ohm transformer-balanced at output of STR-79 or STR-PS battery supply

Internal Powering: 0.9V20V, positive or negative bias. STR-79 & STR-PS use a LR44H/A76/675/357-type button cell

External Powering:

12V48V phantom-powered (positive bias STR-79+ or STR-PS models only)

Power Consumption:

25A @ 1.3V (STR-79 or STR-PS battery supply)
95A @ 6V (12V48V phantom-powered STR-79+ or STR-PS supply)

Capsule Dimensions:

L = 0.540", W = 0.300", D = 0.196"

Battery Supply:

L = 3.250". Diameter, not including clip = 0.750"

Cable Length:

54" is standard. Custom lengths up to 12' are an additional $25, $1 per foot thereafter

Sonotrim Lavalier Microphone Sets
Sonotrim Lavalier Microphone Sets

Sonotrim Lavalier Microphone Accessories
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