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Countryman Lavalier Microphones
B6 Countryman Lavalier Microphone

Only one tenth of an inch in diameter, the B6 is the smallest lavalier in the world and outperforms microphones many times its size.

The changeable protective caps provide moisture resistance and color options and let you shape the frequency response to suit different applications or to match other microphones.

With exceptionally low handling noise and rugged construction, the B6 is the ideal choice for theater, broadcast, churches, and general lavalier applications.

The microphone is available in (5) colors and (3) levels of sensitivity as described below and comes with a case and accessories.  It also comes with the connector of your choice depending on the type of wireless transmitter you are using or on your application (such as phantom powering). Pricing will vary depending on the connector you choose, but pricing does not vary by color or sensitivity.

Some important considerations:

How do I choose the right color for my skin tone?
Tan is the most popular color choice, because it works perfectly for average Caucasian skin
tones, as well as olive complexions. Light beige works well in theatrical applications due
to its slightly pink undertone, which is also appropriate for extremely fair skin. Cocoa is the
ideal choice for African American skin tones ranging from very light to chocolate, and black
is appropriate for extremely dark skin, or for situations where you want the mic to be visible.
When in doubt, choose the darker option. That’s because a mic that’s too light can resemble
a scar or blemish, while a mic that’s slightly darker than the background tends to blend
much better and draws less attention.

Which cap should I use?
The B6 lavalier should always be used with a protective cap in place to keep sweat,
makeup, and other foreign material out of the microphone. The three omni caps each have
a different high-frequency response characteristic that controls the amount of “crispness” or
“sibilance” (response at 15 kHz). To identify caps, compare size to the drawings.
The omni ships with the +4 dB protective cap fitted to the mic. This will boost the perceived
amount of presence in your sound, while leaving the lower frequencies unchanged. If you
experience problems with high-frequency feedback, you should switch to the 0 dB cap.

Which sensitivity should I choose?
Making a microphone more sensitive to catch soft sounds means it will overload sooner for
loud sounds. Because sound pressure levels vary between individuals and applications, we
provide three sensitivities with three overload or clipping characteristics.
• The most sensitive (W4, gray band) is for general speaking, such as presentations or
sermons, where the mic is positioned on the chest or lapel
• The middle sensitivity (W5, red band) is ideal for use as a head mic in theater
• The least sensitive mic (W6, blue band) with the highest overload sound level is a good
choice for applications where the microphone will be positioned near the user’s mouth.

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 Countryman   B6 Mini Lav Mic Hardwired for Phantom Power  B6 Mini Lav Mic Hardwired for Phantom Power   B6 PH   $350.00   
 Countryman   B6 Mini Lav Mic with 6-pin Lemo for Audio Ltd  B6 Mini Lav Mic with 6-pin Lemo for Audio Ltd   B6 LEMO 6   $350.00   
 Countryman   B6 Mini Lav Mic with TA5F for Lectrosonics  B6 Mini Lav Mic with TA5F for Lectrosonics   B6 TA5F   $330.00   
 Countryman   B6 Mini Lav Mic with TRS for Sennheiser ew  B6 Mini Lav Mic with TRS for Sennheiser ew   B6 TRS 3.5mm   $330.00   
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